Answer this questions with yes and it’s very likely that you paid too much income tax in Austria.

Did you work in Austria as seasonal worker? 

Did you work in Austria as an employee while your family still lived abroad?

Did you move to Austria in order to start a new work? Have you brought your family with you?

Did you work in Austria less then a year or you stopped working during the year?

As a certified austrian tax consultancy we are able to apply for the refund in your name. While there are other companies offering tax refund services, only certified austrian tax consultants have direct access to your tax account. We can offer a short processing time. As every case is different our knowledge of austrian tax law will maximize your tax refund. If you had any issues with the tax refund in the past we can write appeals to the tax office or to the court.

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For more information write us on  with the subject “Tax Refund” or use the contact form below. Every request will be without charge unless taxes are refunded. We speak English, German, Italian or Bulgarian.